Irvine Booking Process

Getting Booked in Irvine

irvine booking process





The booking process, step by step

Ever wonder what it means to “Get Booked”? The process, usually known as being booked, is when the Irvine Police Department enters the initial charges against the suspect that the police believe have committed a crime. Listed below are the steps involved in someone being booked at the Irvine Police Department:

  • Taking a picture of the suspect(this is commonly referred to as a “Mugshot”.
  • Performing a records check through the Department of Justice.
  • Answering many medical questions. The purpose of this is to evaluate whether or not the inmate needs mental or physical assistance.
  • Taking down all of the personal information of the inmate. This includes a description of the inmate.
  • The inmate is then given a list of the rules of the Irvine Jail. This includes what things the inmate will have access to.

Only after all of the above steps have been performed may an inmate get access to a phone to call an Irvine bail bonds agent. The steps above are followed by all of the jails in Orange County. After this step, a person has to wait to be arraigned.

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