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How Bail Works

An Irvine bail bond company is usually contacted by the defendant’s friend, relative, attorney or the defendant himself. Bail services are not able to start, however, until the arrest and booking processes are complete. Once they are completed, the bail bond company will start by collecting basic information about the criminal defendant’s situation. To assess the risk involved in the bail bond, most bondsmen ask questions such as where is the detainee being held, how long have they been there, what are the charges, where is their place of work, etc. If and only if there are no government holds on the defendant then the bail bond can be written. If the Bail agent feels there is little to no risk of the detainee fleeing, payment arrangements can be made so that the 10% premium doesn’t always have to be paid upfront.


The friend or relative taking responsibility for the bail bond will need to sign a few documents including the following:

a Bail Bond Application
a Bail Indemnity Agreement
a receipt

Once the bail bond paperwork is finalized, a licensed bail bond agent will “post” the bail bond at whatever jail in Orange County where the detainee is being held. For help locating an inmate, please click on the “Jail Locations” tab at the top. From the time a customer first calls into a bail bond company for bail services to the release of the defendant there is a wait time anywhere between about 20 minutes to two hours so the process of acquiring a bail bond is usually fairly quick. The quicker the better is what the bailees are most likely hoping for so bail bond companies do try their best to get all the paperwork processed and finalized very quickly. Our agents are very aggressive when it comes to getting your loved one released.
Possibly its that call at 2 in the morning that you really hope will certainly never ever occur with a family member or it is really that phone call you expected all along, “Please aid I’ve been apprehended and I’m behind bars” telephone call from your buddy, a member of the family or possibly also your own partner. Despite the scenarios of the Irvine arrest or possibly the psychological sensations that go along with a person you like and love ending up arrested by the Irvine Police Department and tossed in the Irvine jail, how do you handle it? Of all the false myths that “just one phone telephone call” is permitted when you are busted in Orange County and in the protection of the Orange County sheriff’s Department is simply not real. There truly is no real constitutional right assuring a right to the phone call once someone’s arrested. In the county of Orange you are enabled a telephone call if you are not drunk or high. The function of the telephone call is so that the detainee can let somebody know they’re in the wardship of the Irvine Police which need help to either acquire a lawyer, contact an Irvine Bail Bonds company, or both. A phone call from the Irvine Jail could differ from a phone stuck to a wall that has no handset with just a speaker to a policeman that gives you your mobile phone and permits you
make the call to hopefully hunt down somebody that can help. Police usually consider this as a courtesy they offer their “visitor” that accompanies the free of charge bed and board for the evening! So if this happens, it’s time to get in touch with a company that deals with Bail Bonds in Irvine.

One of referrals that you will certainly learn through practically any type of legal representative is that once you get busted whatever you say can be used in court against you so just answer questions regarding your bust in the existence of your lawyer. Put simply, if a person gives you a ring for support from the Irvine Jail, do not have any type of substantial discussion about the arrest and exactly what took place and why they are in the jail in Irvine; you may never truly know who could be listening closely and even tape-recording your talk. The primary objective of the call is to discover exactly what jail they are being held in and exactly what they have to leave so that they can get a hold of a company that deals with Bail Bonds in Irvine and work with a lawyer to effectively deal with the charges that have been filed against them. Accumulate that info and locate an Irvine Bail Bonds representative that can help you with your issue. If its in the middle of the evening, do not worry about it. Most bail companies in Irvine are ready to help at all times. Do a basic search in your preferred search engine for bond agents in your Orange County town or close to the jail in Orange County where the individual is being held and inquire regarding the services they offer, cost and exactly how they may help. Call about and review a couple of businesses to see which one you think is your top selection in terms of cost and solution.

People have a constitutional right to practical bond. An Orange County Bail Bonds agent is a person that is really working for an insurance firm and will certainly do whatever possible to bail you out. An individual billed and apprehended can either provide the total bail or with an Irvine Bail Bonds company who often charge a 10% premium. Providing bail is the offenders or detainee’s guarantee to show up in a law court to deal with fees, make a petition and
show up in any way court dates dictated by the Orange County Judge.

by Sarah Torres