Orange County Arraignment

What does “Arraignment” mean?

orange county arraignment
Often, the question of what is meant by “Arraignment” comes up. After a person has been arrested and booked for a crime in Orange County, an Arraignment is the first step in the criminal case. It is during this first step that the defendant goes before a judge with the Orange county Court and has the charges read to him. It is also during this step that the court receives requests for an Order of Protection, and other applications. The judge may decide to release the defendant on his/her Own Recognizance(ROR) or set a bail amount. This often happens if the defendant is seen by the court as a flight risk. Once a bail amount is set, the defendant has a few choices:

  • He can simply stay in the Orange County Jail
  • His family can put up the full amount in cash
  • His family can contact an Irvine Bail Bonds company, put up just ten percent of the amount, with the bond company putting up the rest. The ten percent is non-refundable.

irvine arraignment

You can shop around the different Orange county bail bonds companies to find the one that works best for you.

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